Volvo Safety History

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The world's first Volvo - 1944
-Passenger steel cage
-Laminated windshields
- World's first 3-point
 seat belts
-Padded instrument


-First rear-facing child
-Crumple zones added
-3-point belts standard
 in rear

-Front seat head
-Front seat inertia reel
-Accident research

-Childproof locks on
-Rear reel safety belts
-Rear center 3-point
 seat belt

-Collapsible steering 
-Energy absorbing
-Isolated fuel tank
 protected from rear


-First child safety booster 
-Wide angle rear view
-Front and rear anti-
 submarining protection
-ABS brakes

-Front airbag
-Child booster in rear center
-First side impact protection

-Auto. front height

 adjust. seat belts
-3-point lap/shoulder
 seat belts
-First side impact
-Rollover protection


-First whiplash
 protection system
-First full length
 inflatable curtain
-Child seat mounting
-Dual stage frontal

-Volvo safety center

-Volvo safety concept
-Rollover stability
 control using gyro
-Linda: the virtual
 crash-test dummy
-First patented front
-Intelligent driver info.
-Rear safety belt

-First blind spot info.
-Rear safety belt
-Water repellent glass
-first door mounted
 inflatable curtain
-Collision warning w/
 brake support


-First integrated 2-step
 booster cushion w/
 extended IC & force
 limiter adapter for

-New, stronger side
 structure using diff.
 grades of high strength
-Driver alert system
 including driver alert
 control and lane
 departure warning
-Collision warning with
 auto brake

-First city safety system
 for avoiding low speed
-New range of seat
 restraints for infants &
 children up to 12 yrs.
-Worlds first pedestrian
 detection w/ full auto

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