If we showed you a tire's size, would you know what it means? We can ensure that you answer that question positively at Ken Garff Volvo Cars. Our insight can boost your confidence when you need new tires in Salt Lake City, UT.

For today's purposes, we'll use P195/65R15 as our tire size. The initial character shows us that the brand markets this tire toward owners of vehicles that carry passengers. Our first number tells us the tire's section width, which is the space between this tire model's sides. This number always conveys millimeters.

Proceeding right, the tire company provides a ratio-related value. It tells you the side's height, and it's provided as a percentage of the previous number. A tire size's second letter is always an R, which simply designates the product as a radial tire. Due to the durability and safety provided, automotive tires are almost universally radials. Ultimately, the size designation ends with the inch-measured rim diameter.

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