Here at Ken Garff Volvo Cars in Salt Lake City, UT, we know that there is something alluring about the open road. You've got the kids settled with movies or activities, pets are harnessed in, and your adventure is ahead of you. How's your cargo space though? Is it organized, or is everything crammed in? We want you to be an informed and safe driver, and it's very important to pack your cargo space efficiently and safely. Let's discuss a few ways that you can make loading your cargo easier and safer.

Correctly loading your cargo is actually more important than you may think. One tip is to put larger and heavier items in first. These items should be at the bottom, so heavy objects can't become projectiles if you need to stop quickly.

Make sure that the view out of the back window is not obstructed. Make use of odd spaces to tuck in extra things that could block your view. Always make sure to service your vehicle at Ken Garff Volvo Cars] before undertaking a long trip.

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