Tires work very hard. Unlike an air conditioning unit that can be turned on and off, tires don't have that option when the vehicle is in motion. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of your tires is invaluable in keeping you safe on the road.

Tires should be rotated and aligned according to the manufacturer's recommendations. A simple tire rotation is the act of changing each tire around so as to balance the wear and tear on them. When you rotate tires, the back ones are moved to the front and swapped sides. In effect, a back passenger-side tire will be rotated to the front, driver-side.

If your tires need to be rotated, let the professionals at Ken Garff Volvo Cars in Salt Lake City, UT do the job. They use sophisticated machinery to ensure that your tires are properly aligned, and the weight and balance are even on each tire. While there, have a look at other specials that are occurring. Ken Garff Volvo Cars' specials make this a good time to get any needed repairs.

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