Although using your windshield wipers when it's raining might seem instinctive; you might forget to turn them on if it's not raining very hard. Even if you can still see through the windshield, you still need to have your windshield wipers on low so that you can see other cars on the road in Salt Lake City, UT as well as any issues with the road that might require you to quickly slow down.

Avoid braking too fast as this could cause you to slide on the road. Ken Garff Volvo Cars can check your brakes and tires to ensure that they are in the best condition so that you're safe when you do have to drive in the rain.

Aside from watching for other cars and typical hazards on the road, you need to look for standing water when it's raining. Sometimes, areas of water might be deeper than they appear, especially if there are holes or valleys in the road.

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