Stay Conscious With the Volvo S60

Being conscious of both your own safety and the environment is an essential part of being a car owner in 2019. This is why the Volvo S60 is a unique popular luxury compact sedan, allowing you to keep yourself safe while protecting the environment! For example, never worry about your fuel consumption with the Start/Stop technology that keeps the engine idle while the car is stopped. The engine will start up when you press down on the accelerator again—you won’t have to do anything! After all, nobody wants an engine running while in traffic!

You can also make sure that you stay safe with the Hill Start Assist technology that holds down the brakes after you’ve pressed them. With this, you can ensure that your car will never slip while you’re moving out of a hill parking spot!

Want to feel conscious behind the wheel? Stop by Ken Garff Volvo Cars for a test drive today!

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