Volvo S90 Exterior Features

Choosing a car often is often a personal decision. Which vehicle is best for your lifestyle? What are the color options? The safety features? When it comes down to it, a vehicle is a reflection of the driver, so why not choose to fully customize your car to fit who you truly are? With the Volvo S90, you can.

From the Volvo aluminum wheels with three layers of clear coat surface, to the high-gloss R-design front grille, to the retractable rearview mirror, to the rain sensor which can launch the windshield wipers to activate as soon as water hits the surface, we at Ken Garff Volvo Cars in Salt Lake City, UT enjoy guiding the customer to choosing features which fit the design and driving needs of the buyer.

With the Volvo S90, you don't just purchase a vehicle that will get you where you need to go. With custom features, you let people know who you are when you show up.

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