Active Headlight Technology Gives Volvo V90 Drivers Advantages

There are many reasons for drivers and passengers to like the powerful and popular crossover vehicle dubbed as the Volvo V90. In addition to its easy handling and ride, the Volvo V90 offers drivers a number of vision enhancing technologies. Items such as mobile fog lights, active headlights, and even adjustable child booster seats all fit the bill.

Driving at night can be hazardous, but the new Volvo V90 crossover reduces night driving risks with its addition of active bending headlights. These specialized headlights can automatically activate high beams when necessary. They also bend when drivers turn their steering wheels in order to illuminate darkened roadways.

Working hand-in-hand with the active bending headlights are the mobile fog lights. These lights are optimized for use during high humidity and low visibility conditions. They can cut through fog and extend driver vision, and they also have a cornering function that responds to steering wheel motions.

The Volvo V90 also makes many concessions for younger passengers. This crossover vehicle includes booster seats that are integrated into the interiors. In addition to offering extra safety, these seats are adjustable for continued use as children grow.



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